Literature Emitting Diodes presents poetry and prose by talented writers in commercial venues on a scrolling LED display. LED began as a monthly publication in Chicago. After 12 months from 2015-2016, this first iteration culminated in a printed anthology.

Since then, LED has relocated to Columbia, MO. Now LED is slowing things down a bit and focusing on local writers. To that end, we have partnered with the Columbia Daily Tribune to run a Mid-Missouri writing competition.

We are still looking for poetry or prose under 500 words, and the winning work will, of course, be publicly displayed on our scrolling LED sign (this time in downtown Columbia)!

Submission-Sample-animated-text-effectWhy an LED sign?
Because it’s a big, kitschy sign that reads “BUY SOMETHING”. We subvert the commercial practice that plays on people’s retinas. We put literature back in the public sphere where advertising has the authority. Publishing is more than putting a paperback on a bookstore shelf, it’s about making work public and accessible. An unavoidably bright, flashy sign in a store window certainly makes that work public. If dazzling LED signs announce local liquor deals, church services, and today’s gasoline prices, then why not get our literature there, too?

Contact us by email at: ledpublishing (at) gmail.com

Literature Emitting Diodes is partially funded by a generous grant from Chicago Chapter of the Awesome Foundation.

Literature Emitting Diodes is a project of Partial Press, a small press based in Columbia, Missouri. Partial Press is run by Carley Gomez and Levi Sherman.

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