“Lampyridae” at 57th Street Books

Finally! Here are some images from our current installation, Kelsey Hoff’s poem, Lampyridae, at 57th Street Books.

As we mentioned before, we are a little behind schedule, so you still have plenty of time to come see this fantastic window display (thanks to 57th Street Books for the thematic selection of books and surprises) in person. We’ll be sharing more documentation soon, but please enjoy these images in the meantime.

March’s Writer

We are happy to announce that our next featured writer is Chicago’s own Ruby Figueroa.

Ruby is a “23 year old living in Pilsen obsessed with love and human’s ability to overcome heartbreak.”

She tells us:
“I studied studio art, psychology, and bass clarinet in college, and I’m currently teaching myself how to play ukulele — all these different interests have turned my practice into a hybrid of visual art, music, and writing. I’m a graduate student at Columbia College Chicago in the Book and Paper MFA program where I concentrate on papermaking and printmaking. If I’m not at school, you can find me walking around the city with headphones plugged in carrying a backpack full of books, or at a coffee shop cackling to myself. When I hang out with my friends, I usually fill up my phone with notes about all these great (or not so great) ideas for the future TV-sitcom that’s going to be made about us. If all else fails, I’m people-watching and writing stories in my head about what they could be thinking, because I’m constantly trying to find connections with other people.”

Soon we will unveil the location where you will be able to read Ruby’s piece, Cancer Baby Girl. In the meantime, congratulations, Ruby!