Lisa Torem, Back at RoscoeBooks

We have a follow-up announcement to our previous post about Lisa Torem’s publication in The Cost of Paper, IV.

Lisa Torem will be joining actor and writer Susie Griffith for a launch and reading at RoscoeBooks. The event is this Wednesday, May 24th at 6:30 pm. There will be snacks!

Having launched our own anthology at RoscoeBooks earlier this year, we are sure you’ll have a great time at this amazing independent bookshop! If you need an extra nudge, read Lisa’s LED contribution and you won’t want to miss Wednesday’s reading.

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Lisa Torem’s Forthcoming Publication

We would like congratulate our September writer, Lisa Torem, on a forthcoming publication. Her LED contribution was the memorable poem, Packrats Her new piece is a short story, which will be included in the next volume of The Cost of PaperHaving heard one of her short stories at the LED Anthology book launch, we have no doubt that you’ll want to read her prose, too.

We will share more about Lisa’s achievement when we have more information, and when the publication is available, so check back.

We hope you all look into The Cost of Paper, as it shares much in common with our interests in and approach to publishing. We enjoy seeing another publisher play with the economic and material constraints of publishing in a way that fuels creativity and helps illuminate the machinations of the literary world. And, of course, we hope you join us in supporting and celebrating Lisa’s writing!

3 More Days to See “Packrats” by Lisa Torem

Sadly, we will be removing our current installation in the evening of this Thursday, the 24th.

That means you still have three days to view our current work, Packrats, by Chicago author and journalist Lisa Torem. Take advantage of this swell fall weather and get out to Lincoln Square while you still can!

Fortunately, Laurie’s Planet of Sound won’t be going anywhere, so even after Thursday you’ll be able to get new and used vinyl, books, movies and more. Our installation is just a few steps from the Brown Line stop at Western and there’s plenty of parking nearby. Don’t miss it!

Photographing “Packrats”

We had a blast documenting Lisa Torem’s poem, Packrats, at Laurie’s Planet of Sound. With the sounds of the German-American Fest in the background, we basked in the combined glow of neon and LED and shot video and photos from the bustling sidewalk. The lively scene and curious onlookers confirmed our belief that Literature Emitting Diodes really can bring good writing to an appreciative public in an unexpected way.