February Installation at Women and Children First

Today we installed a new poem, Lambent, by Laura Knickelbine, at Women and Children First. Lambent is a short poem – we didn’t even get cold as we programmed the display through the window from outside – but it’s beautiful and sure to stick with you! If you’re familiar with this amazing feminist bookstore, then you’ll know why Laura requested to have her work shown there, and you probably would have guessed that they would generously throw their support behind a community-based publishing project like ours. We are so grateful and excited to share their window space this month.

You can find our installation in Andersonville, at 5233 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60640.

Of course, Laura’s piece will be scrolling on 24/7, but if you want to check out some other literature while you’re there, then make sure to show up during business hours:
M-T 11-7
W-F 11-9
Sat. 10-7
Sun. 11-6

Here’s a bit more about Women and Children First (from their website):

Women & Children First began in a modest storefront in 1979. Over the years we’ve moved twice and are now in a northside Chicago neighborhood known for its diversity, queer-friendliness, women-owned businesses and community spirit. Our staffers include teachers, graduate students, professional writers and storytellers, political activists, board members, and poets. Each of us is a reader, a feminist, and a bookseller. Our purpose in beginning the store 36 years ago was to promote the work of women writers and to create a place in which all women would find books reflecting their lives and interests. We strive to do this in an atmosphere in which all are respected, valued, and well-served. That is our purpose still, online as well as in the store.

The LEDs cycle too quickly to capture well with a smartphone camera, but we enjoyed how Carley, programming the display from outside, begins to blend in with the books and postcards on the other side of the glass.

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