Winner of the Third Annual MU Undergraduate Writing Competition

We are excited to announce that Annalee Roustio is the winner of the 3rd Annual MU Undergraduate LED Writing competition!

Annalee is a Senior majoring in English and French. She’s interned with Persea Books since last Fall and is crossing her fingers that she’ll get to earn her MFA in creative writing sooner rather than later.

Our judges, Grace Gardiner and Lindsay Fowler, selected Annalee’s emotionally-charged poem, “Worried, Sick” for publication on our scrolling LED display.

You can hear Annalee read “Worried, Sick” at on January 28th, at 5:00 p.m. in the George Caleb Bingham Gallery, and you can read it yourself starting tomorrow, December 9th on our LED display outside the gallery.

Thank you to all the MU students who shared your writing with us, and to the instructors who encouraged your students to do so. We are grateful for the support from our collaborators in the MU English Department and School of Visual Studies.

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