Third Annual MU Undergraduate Runners Up

Once again, we were fortunate to receive a number of outstanding works for our University of Missouri Undergraduate Writing Competition.

In addition to our winner, Annalee Roustio, we’d like to congratulate three other truly outstanding undergraduate writers:

  • Crystal Cox for “Bumpy Love Body”
  • Elliot Goodman for “The Sleeping Habits of Poltergeists”
  • Jewell Pfister for “Condense”

If you want to hear these works (and trust us, you do) join us on January 28th, at 5:00 p.m. in the George Caleb Bingham Gallery. You can read Annalee’s piece, “Worried, Sick” on our scrolling LED display outside the gallery.

Thanks also to Grace Gardiner and Lindsay Fowler for judging the competition this year.

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